Attilio De Venezia

In 1918 Attilio de Venezia established the production of home-made bags and pursues, called Bottega di Italia. With the help of his wife he always gave attention to the entire production and to all the details. This passion was then transmitted to his son, who nowadays is the one manages the company keeping the tradition and the quality of the products.
In 1980 Attilio was elected president of the company and decided to produce a collection properly named “Attilio De Venezia”.
Thanks to his son, the production ADV become one of the most representative hand-made line, where quality and elegance are perfectly combined together following a contemporary style.
The achieved success gave him the chance to work for many Italian and foreign Maisons.
In the 90’s he decided to expand the production, focusing also in fashion and design.
That’s why we would like to present and describe our design and hand-made passion, which characterizes our whole company.
Lightness, sophisticate details and modern colors are the MUST of new 2016 bags collection exclusively MADE IN ITALY.